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In first aid you may deal with a lot of smaller injuries, for example, splinters that can be removed using tweezers, or small cuts or blisters that need a plaster. 

Even with small injuries, you should protect yourself and the patient by wearing gloves.

Plasters come in a variety of types and sizes and some are specially made for certain industries, for example, catering plasters are blue and waterproof. Plasters are used to protect the wound from infection or further injury.

Some workplaces have plaster dispensers or special plaster boxes, all first aid kits come with a selection of plasters.

Plasters are individually wrapped and are different shapes and sizes.

After applying a plaster, check to make sure that any bleeding has stopped, if not you may need to consider using a different dressing.

  • IPOSi Unit three LO3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4